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MeasuredRisk View.

– The autonomous system navigates each organizations assets, dependencies and alliances. Data that often appears benign can prove to be nefarious when coupled with greater context.
– Using neural networks, MeasuredRisk View identifies the shape of risk by inspecting the traversal points and the structure of connective fabric between risk data. The process is continuous and learns the archetypes that represent organizational risk.
– View distills and prioritizes the most critical information in a way that is consumable by executives and leaders alike.

MeasuredRisk Pulse.

– Pulse is a multi-dimensional cyber risk assertion program that goes beyond solutions in the market today.
– Real-life defense determination, from the outside in.
– Dynamic vs. Static risk assertion.
– Multi-dimensional attack vector determination.
– Advanced Human and Artificial Intelligence to help organizations make the right defense investments for capital efficiency.
– Trust through ongoing awareness of organizational strengths and weaknesses.

Revenue Model

– Subscription-based (monthly and annual)