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Competitive Landscape

Enterprise Risk Management: This sub-category includes companies that address broader risk types that impact more than one area of the enterprise, such as fraud risk. This includes Fenergo, a client life-cycle management platform that provides end-to-end regulatory onboarding and monitoring for fraud. This also includes Argos Risk, a web-based platform that helps companies manage credit risk and protect against business identity fraud. Other companies operating in this space include Cloud 9, Finomial and Qumram.

Vendor Risk Management: Companies in this category are providing software to automate, facilitate, and centralize the execution of a continuous vendor risk management program in accordance with regulatory guidance on third-party risk management. This guidance was established by global regulators to manage and mitigate the risk associated with outsourcing operations and to establish a vendor due diligence process. Companies in this category include Venminder, , a suite of software and services to assess, monitor, and manage third-party vendor risks and CBANC Network,, a platform for professionals to collaborate on vendor selections. Other companies operating in this space include Greenlight Guru, Invis Alert Solutions and Qualtrax.

Operations Risk Management: Companies in this sub-category provide software to manage the day-to-day operational risks of a financial services organization. This includes governance, risk mitigation, incident identification, issue tracking, monitoring for compliance obligations, data storage, and reporting. Companies in the ORM sub-category include Rsam, a provider of Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) software and NetGuardians, a risk management software that facilitates incident identification, tracking, and management. Other companies operating in this space include Coyrlitics and Ascent.

The principal competitive factors in our market include: product features, reliability, performance and effectiveness; product line breadth, diversity and applicability; product extensibility and ability to integrate with other technology infrastructures; price and total cost of ownership; adherence to industry standards and certifications; strength of sales and marketing efforts; and brand awareness and reputation. We believe that our platform has the combination of features and value to our customers that will continue to allow us to compete favorably.