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Tom Albert
President and CEO, Director

Tom is a transformative leader who has been bringing business relevance to IT and Security for over 17 years. A pioneer in creating highly differentiated solutions to protect information assets, he is known for identifying disruptive technologies and building innovation across the cyber landscape. Starting his career on Wall Street working with top global financial institutions, Tom transitioned to various leadership roles within Oracle, Symantec and Rainbow Technologies. Joining Cisco’s team in 2007 Albert managed the National Security Operation, a $320 million-dollar line of business within the U.S. Federal market segment and managed the U.S. Federal Civilian security business. He eventually became Cisco’s Senior Advisor for cyber security and was instrumental in building their go-to-market strategy, solution portfolio, and crafting messaging frameworks which are still in use today.  Tom also served as Vice President of Corporate & Business Development for Lancope where he worked on the creation of strategic partnerships spanning global markets; eventually identifying a route to market that drove massive growth resulting in the $452M acquisition by Cisco in 2015.

Yuri Koshkin

Dr. Koshkin brings approximately twenty years of advisory experience working with clients in Russia, Ukraine and throughout Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Prior to Measured Risk, following a career in the Former Soviet Union’s military and intelligence communities he co-founded Trident Group in 1996. Under his leadership, Trident Group has advised many large US and global companies in a variety of key sectors, including energy, aerospace, telecommunications, investment and financial services, insurance and filmmaking and entertainment. Dr. Koshkin is a frequent commentator on major TV and radio networks and has been profiled in Businessweek and Portfolio magazines. He graduated from the Moscow Military Institute, Ministry of Defense. Dr. Koshkin received a PhD in History and International Relations from the Institute of the USA and Canada Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow.

Tony Alagna
Chief Technology Officer

Tony Alagna is an early pioneer of disruptive cybersecurity technologies, having built platforms for anti-phishing and anti-malware that have been heavily utilized around the world. In the year 2000, Alagna founded WholeSecurity in his early twenties, raising over $18.5M of venture capital into the company, captured the endpoint security market and eventually sold the company to Symantec when he was 27 years old. WholeSecurity was named one of Fortune’s Top 25 Breakout Companies and was featured often in Forbes Magazine. Following Wholesecurity, Alagna continued to innovate while raising an additional $35M to develop and support various business and philanthropic initiatives. Alagna holds an MBA from University of Texas.